For Sale 60 series 3D printed OEM-lookalike speaker covers

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Nov 2, 2021
Goldendale, WA, USA

A little while ago I posted a build thread of some speaker covers that I designed and 3D printed for my 1986 HJ60. I've sold pairs to a couple of Mudders already, so here they are in the Classifieds. I've refined the design a little bit and sourced some hardware to fit the theme.




A disclaimer - these are made out of eSun PLA+. Free-standing PLA prints are prone to warping in a hot car, but in my experience I haven't had any issues with warping on interior parts that aren't expected to move or support a load. This part is bolted to a flat surface, so I suspect warping won't be an issue.

It takes 13 hours of machine time and about 20 minutes of human time to print one speaker cover, so I'm asking $60 shipped to the USA for a pair complete with mounting hardware. Let me know if you're interested!


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