60 Drivability

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Jun 1, 2005
I wuz wonderinng - what's typical for a 60 2F in terms of drivability (with full emisions and without)? By this I mean - how easy to start (Cold/Hot), does it run smoothly, does it stumble when driven (again - cold, warming up, hot), etc.?? I haven't driven enough 60's to know what's the norm. I have read others on this board call theirs "cold blooded beasts in the morning".

Mine, with a rebuild of motor and carb has full emissions and is as follows:

Cold Start Easy - starts right up with mild Choke
Warm Start Easy - Start right up, Choke optional
Hot Start Easy - Starts right up, No Choke needed

Idles and runs smoothly at all times

Cold Drivability - Great, drives without stumble
Warming Up Drivability - Stumbles when accelerating, Steady when driving
Hot - Great, drives without stumble

The reason I ask is the Warming Up bit - stumble when accelerating. Is this the norm? Grew up on a 69 Impalla with a Quadrajet and 300 horse 350. Drove OK while heating up unless the last two barrels where opened (!). Recently had an Isuzu Trooper with the 4cyl - the absolute best carburated vehicle I ever owned - no cdrivability issues at all under any circumstances! Never stumbled, hesitated, nothing! Almost as if it were fuel injected.

Anyway - if you guys have the time, I would like to get a feel for what's normal (to set my expectations and prevent unnecessary spending on my Cruiser!). Its almost a member of the familiy already - with a budget and all! Thanks in advance.
Mine runs identical to yours. It's a fully rebuilt '83, but it is desmogged, headered, and has a holley 500. Actually, I'm glad to hear that the pre-warmed up stumble is normal-thought maybe it was just the holley. Once it's warm it runs like a champ. FYI 15mpg hwy, 10 mpg town.
Mine is an unrebuilt 84 with 207k miles. It starts easily at 1/2 choke even in the winter. Once warmed even a bit, no choke needed. Runs a bit smoother if I let it idle for 30 seconds or so before drive off in the morning, but the choke can go to off after 2-3 blocks. Warm starts sound like yours-maybe 1 chug before smoothing out. Hot starts are good.

The only time in the last year mine did not want to start was at 10,000ft after sitting below freezing all night.
If you've only got a stumble while warming up, I wouldn't worry about it.
Maybe let it sit for another 10 or 20 seconds before driving off and/or fiddle with the choke- maybe a little less or more while warming up.

Or maybe just give it a little less skinny peddle while warming up.
My 60 does not like the choke. It requires a few seconds of cranking if it has been sitting for several days, other wise fires right up - even when cold. Runs like a clock with no stumbles. Had a cranky starter and leaking EGR down pipe, and since these have been repaired, the performance is about as good as a 2F gets. This creature is a factory stock California truck - full smog gear intact.

My rig is a CA truck with only 134K on it and full CA emissions equipment. When it is cold outside I pull the choke, pump the gas 3 times, and it starts right up every time.

It will sometimes buck if I don't give it enuf gas when it is super cold outside and the truck hasn't really warmed up.

I normally let it idle for 1-2 minutes and drive normally. Once the temp guage starts registering temperature I put the choke back in if I'm driving in town. If I'm on the road with very few stops I put in the choke once I'm at speed.
mine did that stumble while warming up to. i just drove it with the choke on for a little and that alleviated it. after changed the carb gasket it went away completely. actually changed a leak in my egr pipe at the same time. that could have been why also. to much clean air getting sucked into the egr system.
all i know was it was night and day after these things
I have to start mine with a can of Gumout, but that's just me.:)
My truck is weird....I'm up in CO...before it got cold I would pump gas twice pull choke and "vroom"....well now its cold and I pump it 4-5 times pull choke and nothing....I have a new battery and starter...well I pump the gas about 3 more times and it fires up....seems like I have to flood the engine before it starts....but every day its different....I don't understand my truck

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