For Sale 5x LX450 Rims (4 Painted Grey + 1 Stock color) with 315/75r16s W/ 24 Lug Nuts (Long) (1 Viewer)

Dec 27, 2018
Auburn Alabama
Located in Auburn Alabama.

I am going to be purchasing a set of FZJ80 rims/tires shortly and don't have a use for 10 rims and tires lol. I bought them from another cruiser in alabama and they have been holding up great. 4 of the rims were painted grey and 1 is the factory lx450 color. The paint is ok and could use some touch ups. The rims have minor signs of use but not cracks/bends/severe damage. 3 of the 315/75r16s are in okay shape with 25% tread remaining, one 315/75r16 would make an excellent spare as it has 75% life left. One 315/75r16 would make an excellent garage talking point of how could this happen to a tire on the trail (non-usable). The purpose of this ad is primarily to sell the rims (What actually have value) - The tires are just an added benefit.

I will be driving up to Eastern NC this weekend from Auburn Alabama so the potential for me to meet someone (Asheville/Atlanta/Cherokee/ect) is there. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. I am asking $400 for all 5 rims and tires.

Photos below:

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