5+ yr old Yellow Top, Can this one be saved ?

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John McVicker

Jul 11, 2005
Big Pine, CA
Stock 40, 5+ yr old Optima Yellwow Top.

Drained batt. to where I had lights, etc. but not enough to turn starter. Charged it overnight to 13+v., the next day it was down to 11.88. Repeated this several times with same results. 13+ then back down to 11.88 after a day.

Removed batt. changed charger mode to 10 amps/hr., charged for 6-7 hrs...same results. Then charged @ 10 amps for up to 10 hrs., but same results...13+ then back to 11.88.

Batt has been sitting in my shop for a week...and it still is @ 11.86, which gives me hope that if I once get it to hold 12.5+ volts, it might stay there. Anyone have luck getting this done ??

I posted this ? on the 40's forum & it was suggested to try here.


OOPS... Didn't realize I was in the Vendor section... reposted in the 40 section...


Just had one of my yellow tops go bad. Volts were nice and high because the charging system is working well but as soon as I crank it over there's not enough juice.

I took mine to a REAL battery place (Advanced Battery) and they tested it for me. Volts are good even after sitting for a week but it's down to 79 CCA's from 750...

Broken something or other inside.

If you've got a good place to have it tested they can tell if it's salvageable.

Good Luck.
I had a 4 yo yellowtop get down to 4.5 volts and I couldn't get it back over 12.5. I took it to Advance and they charged it for 2 days and it holds fine now.

I'm glad to hear our retailer was able to assist you in recovering your battery. Although it doesn't always happen, it is standard practice for retailers to charge and check our returns, because many of them are just deeply-discharged and will work fine, when properly recharged.

Jim McIlvaine
eCare Manager, OPTIMA Batteries, Inc.
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