5 speed transmission into PRADO

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Mar 15, 2010
North Vancouver
Does anybody know if the 5sp. transmission in Prado is the same as the one in Surf (R150f)? Would it be an "easy" swap? I am running auto right now. What other options do I have?
It will work, but you will need the correct transfer case for your LJ78.

There are also a few different shifter location options. You will need the pedal, booster, and master cylinder from a 70 series RHD. Also, don't forget the flywheel, bellhousing, release fork etc.

Do not use the self-destructing flywheel (aka dual mass) if it has one, get a once piece unit.

i have the same questions, what is the correct transfercase? i have a 5 speed from a 4runner, will this work, and tcase is gear driven from same 4runner.
Thanks guys for all your replies! I think I will first look for manual transmission from Prado. If anybody has one, please let me know!

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