5/12/09 BBCNN Metting

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Apr 1, 2007
Fifth Meeting - 2009
Reno, Sparks - BBCNN

Date: Tuesday, 5-12-08 Time: 6:30 p.m.

Place: Round Table Pizza, 4007 So. Virginia St. In the old Town Mall on the corner of So. Virginia & Peckham.

1. Next club run: date & trail.
2. Next Meeting date.
3. Set Dates for the ’08 overnight runs.
4. Web site update
5. TLCA Report.
6. Accounting report.
7. Collect Club Dues

New and Continued Business
1. If you have a new address/phone number or e-mail address, let us know.
2. Club shirts are for sale.
3. If anyone needs help with a repair or conversion, let us know. This is an open invitation.

Unless something comes up, I should be there for the first time in months. :bounce::bounce:

Another missed BBCNN meeting for me...
cool, we can talk about the strawberry trip! needs to be later than the middel of June though, I have testing from the 8th-16th.
Shawn, Jack, Mike, Dan et al:

I will not be able to make the June meeting...I will be out using my 'Cruiser instead :). But regarding possible dates for the Coyote Flats run for which I will lead the group:

The weekends of July 18th or 25th would be the best choices if July is the month for everyone. So put it up for discussion and make a group decision. We really need a minimum of 3-days to do this right without being "pushed". 4-days would also allow us to go up Silver Canyon, on the East side of Bishop to see the Bristlecone Forests. I do understand 4-days may not be practical for everyone so please decide what you wish for this.

If July won't work for all or a majority then sometime during the first couple weeks of August would be good too...


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