4X4Labs rear bumper weight(info)

Mar 11, 2008
Goodyear Arizona
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Brittan and I finished up the last few things on my rear bumper last night. I took it off this morning and weighed everything, just to see how heavy it really was. I then took it all to the powdercoater, Signetix, the same company that did Murf's and Cook's. Here are the #'s.

the whole bumper with tire mounted on it 281 lbs.
bumper only w/ spindles 139 lbs.
wheel and tire 89 lbs.
tire carrier 21 lbs.
both swingouts 31 lbs.

you still have to add a few lbs. for spindle bearing assemblies, bumper mounting hardware, and lug nuts. Just thought i'd throw this info out there in case someone was wondering.

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