4Runner project

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Jul 3, 2005
I thought I'd post up about my 4Runners that Tim is helping me with. My mechanically sound rusty/crusty '85 22RE 5 speed stock one is getting a new body from an '88 with no rear suspension, a blown 3.0 auto but no rust and a nice interior. Tim's amazing (and air conditioned) shop and tools along with his skill are making this possible.
The '85 after stripping off everything except what would allow it to run.



The '88 showing up for 4th of July A.M.



And the body up and off the frame. We wheelbarrowed the frame with the old drivetrain out on the front wheels. Thanks also to Matthew and Jeff for their help.



Tim's list for the red truck and his truggy forced into the light of day for the first time in a long time! A very fun and productive 4th.



Nice update!

I'm glad Dwight hasn't asked for the Cherry Picker back yet -its come in very handy a few times.

I'm still scratching my head about how we are going to get the red tub off w/o the use of the lift. I consider it a challenge at this point. Stay tuned for the most creative mis-use of jacks, hoists, beams, and blocks you may ever see. :D

In hindsight, we should have popped the red one off first, dropped it on my trailer, and then done the black one. Oh well. Next time we will know.:meh:
I thought about that, worse case scenario I could lift it off with my bucket truck, long thirsty ride though.
Reasonably is better than most of my ideas... sounds good.
Does in envolve a large wooden badger?
I have a cherry picker if you need anther one.
I see a really cool YouTube video in the makings...
I will be checking in later today to see progress/damage, ect ect. Good luck guys, I am heading out to the garage to start cutting on my 4runner, gotta make room for the new expresso makers for Bloo.
I can't get back to Tim's til Sunday, gotta work on the bathroom and take the family out on the boat. Rob- double skinny mocha latte with extra froth...
Dang, man, I can't believe you did that by yourself.
You made that look easy, even if it is a one-hoody day out - whew!

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