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Jan 29, 2007
anybody out thre know how to disable the automatic door locks on the 3rd gen 4runners? I've got a 99 runner and its wired so that everytime you turn on the engine the bloody truck locks you in. it's bloody annoying. what drunken engineer thought that was a good idea? Also i found out that if you leave your tailgate window rolled down using your keyless entry, the truck will automatically lock the door locks on you within a few minutes. Once again I fail to see the purpose of this. maybe its just me. any ideas for disabling this marvel of technology?
Jan 17, 2005
Southern Colorado
I put my '98 with that inexcusably bad VIP-3000 alarm in 'valet mode'. So, you're still stuck with auto-relocking doors and other idiot features, but at least the alarm doesn't randomly go off at 7AM in the campground, waking everyone. Now that I added a 3-note horn set from a Cadillac Seville, the horn is extra effective/annoying

I'm convinced that Toyota's crack team that develops tiny sunvisors, weak horns, useless interior lighting, and shaky outside rear view mirrors also works on their alarm systems.

You can unplug the entire VIP 3000 module under the driver's seat - but then you lose any remote locking feature. If it really irritates you, do this. You can add an aftermarket remote door locking system, too, to get that feature back.

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