4Runner Lift Springs

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Mar 5, 2009
Hey Guys-

While researching my SAS on the 4Runner I'm picking up, I've found that a lot of people run an inch higher lift spring in the rear on 4runners becuase of the added weight.

I want to keep this thing as low as possible on 35's with minimal fender trimming, so I was thinking of running 3" trail gear springs and 35's.

But their 4" springs look a lot higher than the 3" springs. So I'm just wondering for some input from someone that has already done this.

I will go with a 4" spring all around if I have to, but would prefer to run 3" springs with my 35's, seems like most people run 37's with 4" springs.

It depends on what year 4runner, and how its setup. For example, an 84-89 4runner without the top should use 3" springs all around.

If your running all that weight, run 3" front springs, and 4" rears. There are other options for going even lower, but you start running into clearance issues.
Another thing to consider, if you are planning on a rear bumper/tire carrier. This will add weight and move weight further back causing the rear to settle more. So, an inch more lift in the back would compensate for the increased weight.

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