45LV door glass setting channel, tape or rubber or ?

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Mar 14, 2003
Gig Harbor WA
on the 45LV the side windows are held into the channel(that the regulator attaches to) with a rubber piece that fits in the metal Chanel. Seems the 50+ rubber has seen better days and have had it come off a few times. I may have jammed it in better this time and I did add a bump stop for the window to rest on when down(it looks to have had a OEM stop but was missing)

anyone have a part # or something that they have used. I see lots of options on the web but figured someone may something they used and can point me that way

the glass shop said they would urethane it in, but that is not my preference. they did not have the glazing or rubber for the channel. The glass is also not going to be removed from the door.

going to try another glass shop, I talked to a glass guy at the gas pump last year and he said he had what I needed(different thickness etc)......but I can't remember which one it was...doh.
Is this what you are looking for?
I used his kit and it worked well. Just cut the outsides of the channel a little bit before and after the corners and it will make the turns nicely.
Thanks but not what I am looking for.

I need the rubber/or whatever it is, at the bottom of the glass itself, it holds the bottom of glass into the channel(runs horizontal) the window runs up and down.

I should have taken a pic but the door panel is back on and for now the glass seems to be holding. It's one of those thing I ment to do this winter.

My W/S is good, but I should grab that kit, I like it better than what I have or for spares.
Got it. My glass guy tried a couple different thicknesses of black mastic tape to mount the window to the track but ended up using urethane glue. I think the original glass was 3/16 and I had 1/4 so the mastic tape was too thick.

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