4 wheel lo on the LX570

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Apr 20, 2013
Seattle, WA / Homer, AK / Scottsdale, AZ
Did some wheeling this morning in my LX570. When I went to switch it out of 4 Lo it took a very long time to switch to 4 Hi. To the point where I thought it was never going to shift out of Lo. I don't remember it taking nearly that long (30 seconds, a minute?) in the past. Thoughts? How long does it take you?
Bind-up. Cold fluids. In that order. Mine is almost instantaneous except for BU CF.
You are probably right. This was the first time wheeling on a cold day.

Also a lot different than my 60 and ex 100. Sometimes I miss the mechanical ways. Atleast I didn't have to use both hands to shift on a cold day.
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Happened to me. Took a trip to Florida with the family. On the return trip somewhere in South Carolina I wanted to take an "alternative path" so I put it into 4lo. After the 100yard excursion it wouldn't go back into 4hi. I was freaking out because the suv was loaded with kids gear, food, rooftop carrier, etc and we were still 400+ miles from our destination. I restarted the rig, did figure 8's, reversed, etc and the light wouldn't go off. 20mins later I did another figure 8 shut the engine off and the light turned 4lo light turned off. Tested it again when we got home and didn't have any issues engaging or disengaging. So I attributed it to some binding due to extra weight of the gear.
Ironically, when my wife uses crawl control on our steep driveway when coated with ice in the winter months she never has any issues. She's used crawl control a hand full of times.
You clearly haven't seen how much 'use' my LX has received. I'm pretty impressed how many impacts the running boards have taken without breaking. Bending, yes, breaking, no.

And it hasn't been to the mall even once :)

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