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....back in the saddle again....
Sep 29, 2004
Truckee, CA
Hey all
I know it is a very long shot....
but my business partner just grenaded his rear diff on a 94 4Runner V6.
Need a 4.56 third member to fix it.

His parents, as fate would have it, are in ATL and flying down on Monday the 2nd of April, 2007.

So if anyone has or knows of a 4.56 third in good shape for a 4 Runner and wants to sell it in the ATL area.

Drop a line to brian@bbcostarica.com

Amazingly, Toyota Costa Rica doesn't even have one in stock.
Even more amazingly, none of the 5 wrecking yards we've called locally has a working third member from this exceedingly popular truck. Funny. But not in the way that makes you laugh.

If you can help, Thanks!!

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