4.7 v8 amazon will not start staright away.

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Dec 18, 2010
Bonnie Scotland
Hi all...after getting my last problem sorted which was a sticky idle control valve grease had turned waxy and resticked its movment..now i find she does not want to start,this is not all the time just some times but is getting more often that not..ok she will start from cold revs up cold start as normal not a problem but if i turn off the engine minute or so later it will not restart well it does but i have to turn the engine over and over then she will catch and slowly rev up but i must keep the revs up for 20 seconds or so or she will stall again and back to square one, i also notice on start up a lot of white smoke from rear end but put this down to the unburnt fuel due to turning over the engine for so long and her trying to start..she drives great at all speeds and runs 100%..hope some thing simple i have clean the air flow sensor and the idle control valve is clean...any ideas..she is a 4.7ltr 2001 model amazon.
Sounds like you just need to take it to an authorized repair shop and have a proper tuneup done. I was having problems at one time with starting and my mechanic told me my throttle body was dirty. He cleaned it up and never had an issue since.

BUT... White smoke is generally a sign of water in your exhaust. If that is the case, you could have a cracked head. Do you get white smoke all the time or just when she's cold and then it goes away.
Hi..throttle body just cleaned..no smoke ever,on start up or on the road..smoke is i am sure only because the fuel is pumping into the chambers and not getting burn straight away as not starting so when it does fire up the unburn fuel also burns giving off a puff of smoke..think may be coil pack but get her back on the computer as see whats up.
Make sure your tank is not over filled and hence the charcoal canister could be flooded

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