4.11 vs 4.10 gearing in 8" diffs

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Sep 16, 2004
So I got a front axle for the disks and was planning to sell the third member and the housing. So I didn't even realize that there were both 4.11 (37-9) and 4.10 (41-10) gear sets from the factory. Anyway as far as I can tell, only about 3 years of 4x4 pickups came with the 37-9 set, which is what I have. Is there any other models besides the pre '82 pickups that used that gear set? Also would you be willing to run a 4.10 with a 4.11 in either a daily driver or a trail rig. As of now I'm thinking this is just valuable for the housing and the gears might as well go in the garbage. Or I suppose as a replacement for a 2wd truck. What's the mud opinion?

I say its close enough. but what do i know? I do know that 4.30's and 4.10's arnt close enough.:doh: I didnt brake anything but what a PIA taht was. if only people shipped the parts they advertized or even just knew what they had.
id run that combo. rule of thumb i know is no more than 10% difference. some taco's run 529 rears with 538 fronts (in a 60 or 44) with no issues. since youre part time 4X it wont be an issue. if you were AWD, thats a different story.
Sorry, I should have been more specific. I don't have a vehicle to put this diff in. I just need to get rid of it, but I wasn't sure if anyone would want it. I don't want to sell it to someone who doesn't know the difference and tell them it will work. I guess it'd make a good trail spare if nothing else. I wonder why Toyota made the switch. I guess it would be a good diff if you were going to combine 9.5" with a 8" set.

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