3fe turbo

Jul 15, 2003
Does anyone make a bolt-on turbo conversion for an FJ-62? MAF has one in their catalog for a FJ-80.
Mar 30, 2003
Charleston SC
i got an email from a dude on here saying he has one on his 3fe. He has an 80 buts its the same engine. Seems expensive and very custom. I bet sleeoffroad could do it if you really wanted them to.
Heres the email i got-

Hello, i saw your reply about my 1992 Landcruiser with a custom T3/T4 Turbo, Ben Swain of Slee Offroad put it on the truck prior to me owning it, it is set up very well makes a huge difference with the 37" MTRs, if you want any other info you should probably contact him or contact any speed shop in you area as they are not terribly difficult to add to the 3FE, it also has an intercooler out of an Eclipse i think, water/metanol injection is the next step i think, if you're in Colorado you're welcome to look at my truck anytime to get ideas, Brad Steffens

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