3FE Head

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Jan 2, 2005
CouleeDamWA, BoiseID
Before I start calling around for quotes I wanted to ask those on the list how much it cost them to get their 3FE head refurbished. The usual hot tank, check for cracks, head being warped, and a basic valve job.
why not just buy one off someone on MUD? I've got a good one I'll sell you cheap!
Ahh yes... well I dropped the 3FE head off at the machine shop today. 170USD for everything. Hot tanked, check for cracks, milling the head, valve job. They are also going to drill and tap the oil plug so it wont pop out on me. I am pretty happy with the price.
I was pretty darn happy on the price. I looked at some of their work and I think its going to be very good quality.

OEM Head gasket:
I have not had to replace a cruiser head gasket in some time. I cant remember for the last one cost me but I am almost certain it didnt run as much as what I was quoted today. I asked for an 1989 3FE head gasket. He said that will run you all said and done about 170USD. I am pretty sure I did not go over 100 bucks on my last purchase. In fact I am not sure if I even broke 75 bucks.

Maile Order.. who has the best price on an OEM head gasket?
Can you use a 2f gasket for a cheaper alternative - or is the same part #?
If you PM Octunge on Mud I think he has a head gasket that he does not need. You may be able to get a cheaper deal buying the one he has. Just a thought.

Edit: Oops, I think he had a hg for a 60 not a 62 sorry for the retarded post.
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