3B side cover

Discussion in 'Diesel Tech / 24 volts' started by eleblanc, Aug 23, 2006.

  1. eleblanc


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    Jul 4, 2006
    The header side of my 3B was really greasy with oil, and lot around the vent pipe connection on the cover. I was told it was leaking around the pipe. So i ordered a new cover and gasket, the inner baffle is a bit different but its probably just a new design and it will fit. But the vent pipe diameter is bigger, therefore the bracket holding this vent pipe down the bloc won't fit. Should i get this new (should be bigger) bracket, or just leave the pipe hanging? i'd be worry not hold it that the connection on the cover will fail sooner due to vibration? The bracket holding the pipe is bolted on the oil filter support.

    One other thing since i'm doing this while the engine is in place and i only removed the air filter support, i don't have much space and some of the cork gasket obviously stayed on the engine bloc, I've put some towels in the push rode space so none of it goes there but the cork is real hard, is there a trick to remove that cork gasket?

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