3b oversize pistons

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Aug 11, 2013
I want to fit .75mm oversize pistons into my 3B diesel(3.4L)
Is it safe to rebore the old sleeves to suit these pistons or should I get new sleeves?
The engine was using some oil but running with less power 7 years ago!

any advice will be greatly apreciated.:)
I am going to open the engine up!I have found .75mm oversized pistons from plgparts in UK England(same as for dyna toyota !) The engine is standard and has been left standing for 7 years and the mechanic in Zimbabwe says tha from his experience will get better lasting engine if we dont remove the old liners but just rebore them.No compression test has been done,I have been advised to rebuild but not change the sleeves!!!
Is it ok to rebore sleeves to that size???
I also found that the 3b engine had applications besides the toyta land cruiser ie toyoace,dyna and coaster 5th and 6th generations!!so one can get parts under those applications of the 3b as I have done from the 3b dyna engine.This might be helpful for engine parts that are difficult to get .
I still need comment on whether its ok to rebore my old sleeves to 0.75mm oversize!!!How thick are sleeves anyway???
hi, sorry no information on the 3B as i have a 2H, but what i am interested in is the fact your from Zim. i will drop you a PM...

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