3b first start rebuilt engine

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Apr 7, 2006
Been putzing around since 04 with a complete frame off including complete rebuild of my 3b motor. Spun bearing did alot of damage and had to replace cam, pistons, liners, rocker assembly and so on... Decided to start it up last Sunday to make sure it runs, check for leaks and other problems. No oil pressure on cranking. I used lots of assembly lube and added lucas break in addative for the zink so not too worried about initial cranking wear. No prime to oi pump so bought a cheap garden sprayer and pumped in 2 quarts extra of oil through the pressure sender hole. Took out the glow plugs and cranked over 3 or 4 times, 10 seconds per. lots of oil from rockers and pressure gauge show lots. Sucked out the extra oil, back in with the glow plugs, bleed the racor and factory filters, bleed the pump. Start it up and bleed the injectors. Smoothed right out and let it run at fast idle for 10 minutes. Lots of talk about the best muffler... I have no turbo and head pipe is 2 &1/4" to a polished stainless muffler off a new 2009 mustang that I acquired for $35. It exits in front of the back wheel. Sweet sounding, not too loud. There you go. Questions. 1)..Alternator is very hot to touch, got the feeling if I spit on it it would sizzle. How hot is too hot and why? 2)..My fan clutch is sloppy and I need to source a new one. Any ideas where I can find one?? Lordco and Napa here are a waste of air. Toyota are very happy to tell me yes we can get one for you for $350. or so :doh:... Any leads on one reasonably priced would be appreciated as would thoughts on hot alternator.
sounds all too familiar. My rebuild wouldnt prime oil neither until I pumped oil in with bug sprayer (kind of ridiculous). I got my OEM water pump fan clutch from 4WheelAuto but not very cheap i might add. good luck. not sure why your alt is hot, dont remember mine being untouchable? I did have mine rebuilt completely along with the vacuum pump.

I got a spare fan and clutch where are you at
fan clutch

Hi Vinnie, I live in Qualicum, Vancouver Island...What would you want for it including shipping?
fan clutch

Since you guys are talking fan clutch,,, can you please tell me how to check if the clutch is ok and what are the symptoms and results of an faulty clutch. Thanks, Tim
The only time my alternator got seriously hot it didn't get any oil to the vac pump. Can't remember why though. I was having alt. issues and must have taken the oil feed off and plugged it for some reason.

Anyway, you might want to check it's getting oil to the right places.
60 bucks plus ride I live in campbell river, but my wife works in courtney you can maybe pick it up there...
pm me for details

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