37s Are On!

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Dec 2, 2008
San Diego
Been wanting 37s for awhile and finally pulled the trigger. Tested them out this past weekend up at Big Bear. Ran John Bull and Gold Mtn in both directions and also did Dishpan springs. Now I have a few mods to do to accomodate these things. I knew I was going to swap out my 1.5" spacers for 1". Ordered the 1" today. Also found out the heavy Toyos require a lot of strength to turn in the rocks. Taco'd my relay rod right smack dab in the middle of the waterfall at dishpan springs (see pic). Today I ordered both a stout tie & relay rod from Budbuilt. Luckily there was another 80 series in my group (80BajaBound) so I removed his relay rod and used it to get down the trail. One of the guys with a Jeep Cherokee had a sleeved spare that fit my 80 and saved my day. The gears are next on my list. On road is fine but there were a couple of difficult lines I took on they trail that proved too much for stock gears. Had the pedal to the floor and it just wouldn't go. In addition to adding 1" wheel spacers to help the rubbing issue, I thinking I will add a 1" body lift and lengthen the bump stops.

On a positive note, the extra clearance and bigger tire circumference was a huge plus for me while in the rocks. I drug my diffs much less than in the past.
What he forgot to mention was the mcguyver act his buddies performed to straighten out the tie rod from the day before. Turns out an arb bumper, d ring, vice grips and a winch can straighten out a taco'd rod at camp or on the trail. We did dishpan both ways and up it was awesome!
I was out there just this Sat and did not see another 80, you guys must have been at the springs. That was a bummer with the relay rod, I've seen it happen, but not as bent as that...I'm with you on the steering, contemplating on hydro assist mod. I was with a mud member DUSTY, he mentioned that you really need it once you go beyond 37's. At 37's its nice, but keep it as is, steering response with it on the road lags. Let me know how the budbuild work for you.
looking awesome!! bummer about the relay rod, had that happened to me once. action shots?
Wow that looks good.
Lookin' good!

x2 on the action shots.
I was too busy wheelin' and having fun to take pics this time but here's a couple my daughter took. And speaking of my daughter, I let her run Gold Mountain as her first trail run. ( P.S. she is taking her driving test today at the DMV:steer:)

Mike aka 80BajaBound might have some vid as he was messing with his GoPro.

Mike doing some 3 wheel action, me wrenching on the trail, and my daughter just after we finished Gold Mountain:
your rig looks great on the 37s. Also the two rigs in the other shots look good too. It is nice to see them out on the trail. When I had mine up in Big Bear I never once saw another 80. Seeing two built like the ones posted would have made me think I was hallucinating.
37s are looking tough, Derrick. You're definitely gonna need those gears soon.
Nice Derrick! I see you still manage to avoid loosing the flars with those 37's on the trail. Now I really need to save up to get some. Glade you made it home safely with a bent tie rod, I had the same thing happend to me not too long ago.
Truck is looking good Derrick.

I noticed a tendency to bog down sometimes too without the gears... Are you doing 529's? Definitely need to do that soon as well. I think getting the tougher relay and tie rods are good insurance too!

Sorry I missed you guys!
They opened up Holcome Creek on Sunday you guys just missed it. QUOTE]

I read that yesterday and was soooo bummed! We tried on Saturday but the gate was closed. Gives me a good reason to get back up in a month or so.

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