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Jun 1, 2016
Hello all,

I was wondering if its possible to fit 33inch tires on a fzj70. Or would I need a lift kit or just move the axle 25-30mm?

I want to mount maybe some 33x12.5 or wider tires for sand driving.

anyone can tell me if moving the axle
forward is enough to fit them or is a lift really necessary?

I fit 33" on my BJ70 without any lift or axle manipulation and the stance looks perfect. Mine are only 10.5" wide though and I imagine going wider would require a rim with a different offset or spacers to be added. In the back there is only about an inch between the inside sidewall and the side of the wheel arch. That was the only place where clearance was questionable, but it ended up being fine. In short, a lift shouldn't be necessary, but you may need other mods to accommodate the width of the tire you've selected.
Ok thanks may prob just push axle forward and see but I'll also be running 2inch spacers with a 15x10 inch rim
2" spacers are a bad idea. Get some stock wheels or at least wheels with correct backspace. I just put 235/85/16's on my non-lifted 73 and they fit beautifully with room to spare.
Why are spacers bad idea? I'm running them now with the stock 16s for a wider stance
Probably because they're not as good as running without spacers. It had a bit of extra stress to lugnuts, you have to make sure twice the number of things are torqued down correctly(the nuts holding the spacer on), etc. With that said, I have them on a vehicle but just make sure when I take a wheel off that I double check the torque on the spacers.
I used 1" spacers on mine for about a year until I found a set of stock wheels at a good price. 2" will add that much more strain on your hubs and bearings. Totally up to you but that's not the geometry your axle was designed around.
@Tennessee Jed I get what your saying. Not a daily driver and with the prices of bearing kits and so on to rebuild front end it's kinda cheap. The spacers definitely add to the wide stance i like. And here we dont have the heavy wheeling like what other countries do. May just reduce to a 1inch spacer though to get me the clearance from the caliper
I own a Toyota LJ 77 Cruiser (European Model), which currently carries 8x16 (width x diameter) / 6x139.7 (6 pitch circle diamanté's, (mm) 139.7/ -25 (offset) without hub cover. The tire it currently has is a 215/80R16.

I am looking to buy a wider and possibly larger rim and tire set. However, since this is a European model, I am not sure what rim/tire combination will work. I will be doing a 2 inch suspension lift from Cruiseroutfitters before I get new tires.

Any help would be greatly appreciated thank you

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