3 warming lights on 150 Series Prado

Feb 13, 2008
Good day,
My son’s 2017 UK Prato (150 series) had 3 warming lights all come on— ABS, Brake warning light and Anti-Slip (traction I assume (shows Truck and sliding).

What could trigger all 3 of these to come on at the same time and is there a way to reset if there is no fault— none obvious when driving.

Aug 22, 2010
Jersey, 07740-Maryland, Harm City
at least in the us its normal for all of those lights to come on if there is an issue in one of those systems as they are all interconnected. its a failsafe and those lights will also come on when the check engine light turns on. anything could turn the lights on from a cracked abs ring, to a broken wire or fault in the ecu. theres really no way to tell without hooking up a code scanner, and you would also need that to clear out the codes and reset the light.

@Prezzz pretty much same answer as above, youll need to hook up a scanner to check and clear the codes

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