3 Soldiers Dead, 6 Missing in Ft Hood Swift Water

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I will be interested to read the Army Safety Center report on this once its completed. Its tragic that this happened they said the water at the crossing is normally only 6 inches deep. I hope it was something freak and not complacency.
Yeah, nine of 12... dead...

I lived in Central Texas for around 30 years... flash floods come up fast... I have to hope they didn't just drive into a heavily flooded low water crossing... but, it really doesn't matter, at this point...

As bad as the flooding has been in Texas the past couple of years and, especially, this year and as swift as Owl Creek, Cow House Creek, Leon River and others can become, as they flow into Belton Lake and Stillhouse Hollow Lake... I have to wonder why they didn't curtail training for a a few days... all of these flow thru some part of Hood.
I agree there should have been something put out by range control or garrison command saying to avoid water crossings due to possible flash floods.

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