3.0 bucking hesitation etc.

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May 29, 2007
no.california S.F.O BAY AREA (EAST BAY)
Since i could not find my old post about my trucks issue i just repost it to share what i have found. i have been having problems with the truck for over a few years now,i would have this really bad hesitation and bucking at times every morning or if the vehicle sits long enough too cool down the check engine light never did came on since the problem started.i finally solve the issue by accident due to a smog failure my 25mph Nox level was at gross polluter level (1654) i noticed that the CO readings were near 0 meaning it was running really lean causing high combustion temp and raising Nox level.

I ordered a new o2 sensor from my Toy dealer and replaced it to solve the lean issue not knowing that it also solve my hesitation and bucking issue when cold.my morning start up has change after the part replacement i still have a little bit of hesitation but i consider it minimal.my advise if your o2 sensor has over 150k just replaced it.i hope this helps out any of you suffering the same symptoms.:D


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