2wd won't engage!!! please help

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Apr 25, 2005
valencia, Venezuela
Ok so here's the deal.
A friend got stock on sunday so i went there and save him, and since i did my transfer rebuild every time i put on the 4wd is a PITA to switch back into 2wd.
i'm still on 4wd since sunday. it engage perfectly from 4H to 4L and from 4L to 4H but from 4H to 2H it's a PITA!!!

Any help would be apreciated!!!

I can get my FJ60 to shift back to 2WD by putting the tranny in reverse and easing up on the clutch while pushing the transfer case lever up to 2WD.

Of course, I haven't rebuilt my transfer case.
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Not know what transfer you have ( ie split case or older case, not that it really matters just the internals ), it sounds like you need to get under it and have a friend inside while he is trying to throw it back in 2wd and see if it might not be right underneath on the outside before you go tearing back into it.

Then again i could be way off, have not worked on but one split case, if yours is.

And then again it could need to be backed up a bit to relieve the pressure, when it is bound up a bit.
well thank's, to start my transfer is the stock one my cruiser is 82 4speed.

In the owners manual says that when the 2H won't engage just drive a little in reverse and switch back to 2H, that's what i always do when this happen, but since i did the transfer it won't engage back to 2H.
It finally came out to 2H yesterday, but the i just wonder what could it be the problem. i mean why does it take tthat much to switch it over?
It sounds like it's just your driveline winding up, assuming of course that the linkage isn't binding.

If you're not doing this all ready, it's better to do the back and forth routine on loose gravel or dirt.


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