2WD via remove front drive shaft

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Oct 30, 2018
West Texas
I’m in process of installing part time 4x4 in my 2000 LC. I’ve installed AVM hd hubs but won’t have a chance to put the spool in the transfer case for about a month. In the meantime I have a 800 mile trip planned for some kayaking in NW Arkansas. Doubt that I’ll need 4x4 at all for the trip. My question is, could I run into any transfer case problems if I remove the front drive shaft, run the hubs unlocked and push the center differential lock? I know it’s “ok” around town, but will it hurt the transfer case to do this on an extended trip? I really like the way 4x2 “feels” on my cruiser.
Just to note....I’ll be taking the front ds with me as I can install it as needed in literally 10 minutes with my trusty Mikita impact.
Thanks for your expertise in advance.
People have done the exact same as you before, road trips in 4x2. There’s nothing to damage as the case will just be spinning the front output flange, in addition to the rear output. Make sure you unlock your hubs or pull your flanges, so you don’t wear out your front diff.

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