Wanted 2F for 1978 FJ40

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May 5, 2019
Washington State
Hi everyone

Following on from my super-happy-fun-time post about finding the Landcruiser of my dreams (Wanted - '74 to '83 FJ/BJ40 in PNW ) thing have taken a sad turn and the engine needs a total rebuild. I can go into more detail if people are interested, but I should have known things were... iffy.. when the seller gave me a "free" second engine as part of the deal (this engine is also kaput).


Anyway, Torfab of Everett have been amazing and identified the cause of the "running rich" problems as actually being two funky cylinders. The options that I've got are to spend a pretty substantial sum of money (around $10,000) and wait three or more months for the engine to be rebuilt, or to find a good replacement engine that can be dropped in.

I've looked at some options online and of course, the guys in Everett will keep an eye out for me to, but I wanted to reach out to the good folks here and see if anyone has any ideas or recommendations? I have yet to really go anywhere in this beasty, and so I'm ok with rebuilding the original but want something to drop in whilst that happens so I can at least enjoy it.

Budget wise, I'm realistic but the most important thing is finding a substitute that test well on each cylinder and will give me the ability to not set off my Google Nest every time I fire it up!

Located in the PNW but obviously happy to cover shipping/freight etc..

Thank you!

$10,000 to rebuild the engine??? should be a third of that
I don't think I have a good runner in stock.
Thanks for the response!

That was to rebuilt and then get it back in to the truck and I figured it's mostly just labor? Engine out, rebuild, engine back in? There's also some additional work that needs to happen, so I'd have to check with Tor but perhaps that was what also bumped up the price though I think the $10,000 was just for the engine rebuild.

The engine in the truck runs but it just kicks out so much crap and two of the cylinders are the issue. At first I thought it was the carb maybe being too much for the engine, but the report from Torfab shows two problematic cylinders - 4 and 6 have low compression numbers when compared to the others. There's also oil on the plugs.
You should be able to find a good engine with good compression numbers for $1k or so.
that’s the route I would go.
sorry to hear you are having engine issues.
Pioneer Engines out of PA sells rebuilt 2f long blocks...about $2k with a rebuildable core. $2700 without a core. May be worth a shot. Not sure what shipping would cost.


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