Wanted 2f Block

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Jun 13, 2015
Arlington, TX
United States
Trying to weigh my options. Looking for a 2f engine block, standard bore (that doesn't need a rebore), preferably in the DFW and surrounding area. The pistons on mine are fine, but the #3 cylinder wall is toast. Really trying to avoid a full rebuild, although I'm pretty sure that's exactly what's about to happen. If you've got something, please give me a shout with pics and price. Thanks
What year is your 2F? I've got a '79 2F block casting in very good shape, problem is I don't have the bearing caps, so you would need to take it to a shop to have it align bored with the bearing caps from your 2F. I'm in northern New Mexico, so shipping may not be too bad. If you could use it, how about $50 plus shipping? Fastenal or Forward Air are both options. Here are some photos:





I believe my block is a Sept/Oct '77. 2F212746. If you can't think of any reason why it wouldn't work, I could certainly use it and really appreciate the price.
The '79 block I have is 2F 363299, April/May 1979. It has provisions for mounting the factory power steering pump bracket. The block came as I pictured it when I bought my '86 FJ60 project vehicle. The original FJ60 2F had thrown a rod and the PO was in the process of accumulating parts to build a replacement engine, but decided to sell the vehicle instead. Other than that, I don't know the history of the block. I can check here on MUD to see if anyone can verify the block castings are interchangeable, given that the block would need to be align bored and matched with your bearing caps. Can you see if there's a machine shop in your area that can align bore a straight six block, and get an estimate? I can look into the shipping cost from Albuquerque to Dallas/Fort Worth via Forward Air.
There's a place in Dallas that can do align bore and hone cylinders for about $185
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