2017 CLC Christmas Party

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Jun 11, 2005
Colorado Springs
This is a placeholder thread for the annual Colorado Land Cruisers Christmas Party.

Who: CLC club members and family/friends
What: Dinner party and social time
When: 6pm, Tuesday evening December 12th
Where: Rudy's BBQ on Highway 24/Old Colorado City

This is a come-as-you-are party for club members and family, we're not fancy. Go through the serving line and get your food/beverage and meet in the designated group of tables. The club buys some door prizes and those who desire to participate in a "white elephant gift exchange" bring an item, wrapped.

We've had some funny gifts over the years--denim "Toyota logo" jacket, a bag of ice-melt, a roll of duct tape. Sometimes we get TL's homemade creme pies or some other baked goodies--which usually passes hands according to the rules of the exchange. Just don't shake the package, you never know what it may be.

I'll update this thread as info comes available.
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One vote for NOT the 17th or 18th
At the club meeting, it was decided Tuesday December 12th at 6 pm at Rudys. Much like previous years, we'll do a gift exchange and steal, and I hear baked goods are going to be present.
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Dang it I had vacation set aside for the 19th to catch the party. I work the 12th
Last few years this seems to fall at the same time I need to travel for work or some other conflict. Have a good time!
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@mountainmanryan you've been awful quiet--need any last minute assistance--door prizes, etc.?

See you all there at 6pm (or close to it!)
Megan and I will be there!
Party was a good showing, and the white elephant was popular as ever. @mountainmanryan scored some deals from 4WheelParts as door prizes (raffle style), and I came home with TL's pecan pie!

Kyle is going to talk with some friends at Rising Sun, see where we might cross-over for event planning. For now, plan on Schubarth as the January trail ride, and 2018 calendar to be published sometime in January.
It was a great time! We came away with a board game that Megan was happy with, I was just happy to be there with such a solid group. The phrase "4BT swap" has been heard around our house since then also. :rofl:

Thank you to everyone!
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Hung my white elephant gift today - thanks Tracy!

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