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2016 Yearly Meeting - Minutes

Discussion in 'PA- Keystone Cruisers' started by caz, Jan 30, 2016.

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  1. caz

    caz Keystone Cruisers SILVER Star

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    Jun 9, 2003
    Lancaster, PA
    Hello all,

    We held our meeting this morning at Shady Maple. We had a great turnout, 18 people!

    We started with the meeting - which kept it moving quickly, and we moved on to a healthy breakfast ;)

    Here is the motley crew:

    We could not solicit any nominations for officers other than the current, so the vote was unanimous to keep the current board.

    President: CAZ - Andy Zook
    Treasurer: Crusha - Greg
    Secretary - Shmukster - Gary
    Current status of club:
    Everyone is good with the current direction of the club, and we don't strive to be more than we are at this time. There were some side conversations about holding a pig run, swap meet or some type of informal event.
    Ideas for club events for the coming year:
    1. Continue "monthly" rides - start to hold every month again in April, stay every other month in the colder months
    2. Still a lot of interest in a family weekend at Bald Eagle State Forest - would include some light wheeling and family camping with kids
    3. Club Picnic - we tried this year and did not have great turnout
    4. Swap meet - Get together to sell/trade parts
    5. Ham radio test - Meet on a Saturday morning to take the Ham radio test - likely in Lebanon
    Shirts and hats:
    • We approved the next shirt design as a grey/charcoal color with the 3 color logo on the back and white text on the front - "KEYSTONE CRUISERS" like below.
    • CAZ agreed to get pricing for hats - embroidered if possible with our logo design
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  2. PAToyota

    PAToyota Keystone Cruisers SILVER Star

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    Oct 4, 2009
    South Central Pennsylvania
    As you say, great turnout! Good to meet everyone this morning!
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