2016 Southern Cruiser Crawl

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Hot Damn
Dec 20, 2004
Brandon, MS
Registration is now open for Crawl 2016! Oct 13-16 are the dates for this gig. Remember to call the park to confirm any reservations you may have for camping or RV spots. Hope to see you all there!
Annual Off-Road Event | CottonLand Cruisers
Space #18 confirmed....ALWAYS confirm your space...
Cooper reg 669
Perry reg 670

See ya' there
Finally got my work schedule cleared.
Lookin' forward to seeing everyone on Thursday.
Number 672
Happy Trails!
Registration | CottonLand Cruisers

CRAWL2016 43.jpg
CRAWL2016 42.jpg
i'm coming. not sure which truck I'm bringing but i wouldn't miss it.
my guess would be one you don't have to shift....
I just started rehab and I'm taking it serious. Being a gimp sucks and I'm ready to get back to normal. My goal is to have enough mobility and strength to be able to bring the 40 vs the 80.
Attention: Remember that there will be a food trailer offering breakfast and lunch Thursday thru Sat. at lunch for a reasonable price. Just thought I'd throw that out there before y'all pack a ton of food. Can't wait!!
We will be closing registration on Sept 30th for the 12th annual Southern Cruiser Crawl. You don't want to miss this event! As always, you can register at the event but may not get a T-shirt. We had 120+ last year! Get registered today! www.cottonlandcruisers.com for registration details.
CRAWL2016 24.jpg
Whoo Hoo!! Finally registered. Can't wait.

You ordered these items:1 - Driver Registration $70.00
1 - Additional T-Shirts (X-Large) $15.00
1 - Extra Meals $15.00
Your Purchase No.: 746
Don't Blow It!!

Today is the last day to PRE-Register for the Crawl. After today we will still take walkups but can not guarantee a drivers t-shirt or drivers bag.


CRAWL2016 13.jpg
121 preregistered! Amazing and thanks guys! Wonder how many walk ups we'll have?
Thanks to all of the LSLC members that attended the 12th annual SCC! We had 150 rigs!!! We plan on doing it again next October 12-15 so ask for that vacation now! It was a helluva party!

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