2013 GX460 ARB Bumper Question

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Jun 6, 2011
I am looking at getting the ARB bumper for my GX460. I am thinking the correct kit for this is 3421780. I see sold here:

What confuses me as I have not found a build thread using this bumper. How does one deal with the old plastic pieces in green? Does one cut up your old bumper for it or something else?

Very few are running the ARB bumper because there are very few of these bumpers available stateside. The most recent is on Overland1.0's build that was installed by Mainline Overland and they cut above and around the head light washers. The ARB sits closer to the body/grille than the Ironman version so it requires a more aggressive cut on the frontend plastics. Like those of us who did the Ironman bumper, you simply have to cut little by little as you go and find the right lines for your particular truck since these bumpers and their included stencils are designed for the 150 Prado frontend.
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As stated.. not a lot out there but you can find them on FB GXOR if you dig around deep enough...you may want to reach out to these 10-13 owners w/ARB as well

One of first 460 builds out years ago 2014 or 2015...with an ARB was by Mule Expedition Outfitters. It was owned for a time by member here (spokanman)


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Isloth - good success with your ARB bumper quest. In Q4 2019, I spoke to the ARB USA crew in Auburn WA and found them unknowledgeable, unhelpful and uninterested regarding GX / Prado bumper application. My takeaway is that they don't want US GX customers using the Prado bumper. Encourage you to give them a call to get a sense of how much support to expect if you go down this route. Call Mainline too.

I've installed and/or owned half-dozen ARB products (lockers, fridge, bumper, awning, compressor) and visited one of their stores in Oz. I considered myself a fan in the past - but feel a bit soured through this episode.

I installed an Ironman bumper (Australian designed, built in Thailand) that was less than half the price of the Prado bumper. Cutting the OE trim piece you highlight is a PITA without a GX template, and the provided instructions leave much to be desired. If you go down that route, call Chris at Ironman USA and he can give you some additional tips. Some of my journey with the Ironman install :

It looks like new bumper options are coming to market - so if you can wait until next Spring there may be additional choices....

Good success - and post on your path forward...

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hah. this gx gets around. I took some pictures of the plastic bumper fitment: . It is all pretty floppy if you push on it, but it looks good.
Mikename's GX is probably the first one outfitted with front/rear bumpers in the US.... late 2014/early 2015 timeframe

hah. this gx gets around. I took some pictures of the plastic bumper fitment: . It is all pretty floppy if you push on it, but it looks good.
I really like that setup, thank you. I don't know why I just love the ARBs. I have abused the one on my Tacoma.

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