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Feb 1, 2005
So Cal
After a few years of looking around, and worn out from having to listen to the wife bitch about driving a minivan for 10 yrs., I decided to buy out a friends lease that was coming due. The negative is that I didn't get a deal, but the positives are that I know the vehicle history and got the color combo that I wanted. It's got 25k miles, garaged most of the time he had it, non-smoker, never offroad, used as a soccer-mom car. I bought it asuming that a good auto-detailer can remove the signs of its soccer-mom history. Paid $41k. Crystal white, tan interior, new tires, overhead DVD player (which I think I'd like to remove), no night-vision.

I bought it with the expectation that I'll get a good reliable 10+years of use out of it w/o problems, which was not the case with the Odyssey we had. Will try to post up some pictures later today.

Oh yeah, almost forgot....

Jan 4, 2009
Hampton Roads, VA
Better set the ground rules for whos car it really is....the wifey might just try to edge you out..Welcome to the mudders lair

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