For Sale 2006 Landcruiser sans Navi/AHC WA/CA

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United States
Not for Sale

We drove a few comparable vehicles and decided we like our 100 better.

It has 91K miles. The front bumper has a few scrapes, it has a few door dings. There is a small dent on the rear passenger side roof from the previous owner. Overall the Cruiser is pretty nice....I would give it a solid 8. The price is $25K firm. I have the title in hand.


Pioneer stereo, Alpine 75x4 amp, JL Audio speakers

Slee Offroad Group 31 AMG battery upgrade

Led interior lights

Nick's LS460V H.I.D. bi-xenon retrofit (from a Lexus LS460)

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reserved... benefit just another rarity on this truck. 17 tires are cheaper and to me better sizing options.

I wish I had the cash to pick this bad boy up
Factory 17s are awesome! Probably the most ideal size tire for the 100 IMO are 285/75/17s which would look sweet with this truck.

To the OP - are the yellow fog light lenses factory or were those painted yellow? Looks really cool.

Yes The fogs were painted....lots of info on

My other Cruiser has 285/75/17s with yellow Bosch fogs integrated in an ARB bumper....
hate to be the person to ask, would you part with the headlights?
So you have 2 '06s without Nav or AHC? That's quite the duo!

Are there any other differences b/w the global spec model like this one and what we could buy here in the states?
hate to be the person to ask, would you part with the headlights?

Nako...I will contact you if I end putting the cruiser on ebay....

Both of these have the wood steering wheel that is in the LX470.

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