2005 Sequoia motor noise, need some keen ears + ideas

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Jan 25, 2015
Vancouver, WA
morning everyone!

I have a 2005 sequoia, purchased at 156K, no timing belt record so I had a reputable Toyota shop change the belt, water pump, ect. When we purchased the car we did not notice any strange noises or anything out of the ordinary, but shortly after I received the car back I began to hear what sounded like "ping-ing" or an exhaust manifold exhaust leak, My wife just blew it off as in her words "your just being picky, this isn't the Land Cruiser, its fine" well, were now at 170K miles, and the sound is still going strong. The noise is not really effected by octane used, and my exhaust shop check and could not find any leaks (however I know these manifolds can crack in the worst spots, and the VVt-i is working correctly.

When you remove the oil cap and listen to the motor, you can head a hollow "tong tong tong" and the noise matches the valve train. Ill work on getting a clip, the one I have to to large apparently

Now when I took the Sequoia back to said shop and claimed that the belt was installed one tooth off, causing the sudden change, they just dismissed me and sent us on our way. but now, I can't stand to drive the thing because all I hear is that, "rev matching ping" it's coming from the front left of the motor, around the oil filler cap. you have to listen for it to hear it, my whole family claims to not hear it, but I'm the only mechanically inclined guy...

has anyone else had to track down any strange noises, what was your approach? is a little valve train noise anything to worry about?

anyone have some knowledge of these Toyota V8's?

I just completed a full top end rebuild in my FZJ80, and I don't realllllyyy want to be taring in to my Sequoia.
Check the torque on your spark plugs, if they aren't fully seated I have seen them cause exhaust leak / knocking noises. The less than skilled person that last did the plugs in my sequoia did not make them tight enough and they were leaking enough to stain the coils and the exposed part of the spark plug.

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