For Sale 2003 Silverado 2500HD Duramax 4X4

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United States
SOLD! Now looking for landcruiser
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Good move

I sold a 2004 Duramax and bought a '97 Land Cruiser in January (LX450). You're a wise man.
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That a pretty badazz truck to be honest. if I didn't already have a LC as my other car, I'd seriously think about it. I'm trying to downsize the FJ and get a small commuter car, and keep the 100 LC as the "fun" car. Thanks for the offer though!

also, I haven't received any PM's; if anyone tried to send me one, give it another shot!

Why get a commuter car when this thing gets 20 mpg. He he I kid, i kid. This truck is frikkin saweet but my family is growing and ext cab is getting a little cozy.
would you be interested in trading up right for a 96 FZJ80 and a 79 FJ40? to bad im in Florida.
2000 LC

interested in a trade for a 2000 Land cruiser. 187,000 miles, bridstone dueler a/ts with 6k on them. very clean.

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