2003 Civic for sale.

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Aug 21, 2006
Olympia Wa
I have a 03 civic with 72k on it for sale. It was inherited. gets about 32 mpg. not sure though havent really gone through a tank to check. I am not into small cars or things that get good fuel mpg
Pam got to drive it all the way home, I got stuck in the truck. Thats ok though theres more room in the truck for me. I tried to send you some pics of the 55 and the 40th last night but one set got returned so I am not sure what ones you got.
I should have bought that supercharger I found last week but that would have messed up the funds for the 97.
I want to drive the 97- she said she didnt care but I know she might get up set. It's just so nice I dont want it to get trashed. I will be inlisting in your help for a few things for it in the near future.

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