2002 LX470 Fuel Gauge Light

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Jun 23, 2008
Tornado Alley.
Just took the gauge out of my LX and cannot for the life of me figure out how to replace the bulb in the needle of the fuel gauge.

I can't find anything on the net or here either??!!

Any help would be MUCH appreciated!!!!
SOOOOOOO, nobody has ever had this same problem? Or heard of it?

Is this an anomaly?
It does help some, thank you.

However, my issue is that the needle of the fuel gauge does not light up. I think it had leds in it. In the needle itself.

If this is not a regular problem, perhaps the LEDs are ok, but they are not getting power.
I would suspect that it would be some sort of led/bulb that shines through some sort of light pipe or fiber, but I haven't had to dig around behind the dash of my LX yet.

Looking here

seems to indicate actual lighting on the needles though.
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LX needles have an led strip in them. There are companies that you can send the cluster to that repair them. I dont believe its as simple as swapping out a bulb unless you have some serious micro soldering skills.

Tanin auto is well known on clublexus.com for repairing lexus clusters and needles as its pretty common on the older models SC, GX, LS etc but somewhat rare failure on the LX. If you mention your are a forum member on clublexus you generally get a decent discount also.
Thank you for that info Ali!!!!!

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