2000 model horn not working

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Oct 23, 2007
Lagos state - Nigeria
Hi all, can anyone who has solve this horn problem give me info.

I came back from office with the car parked. After about 2 hours, the horn starts blowing on its own. I have to remove the battery to stop the noise. The next morning, I reconnect the battery an. It horn has gone bad.

I have check the horn relay and its ok. The problem now is once I plug in the relay with another horn, it starts blowing again. I need to check the horn pad on the sterring wheel but don't know how to open it as I am afriad not to damage the SRS.

Can anyone show me how to open it. With some picture will be more better too.

This exact thing happened to me on my '00. Melted the horn off the bracket. Never did find the reason for it and it bothers me considerably. I checked relays, fuse box, wiring, but never did tear into steering column as problem resolved itself by sitting in the drive without battery for a week.

Wish I had an answer for us.

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