2000 lx470 no gears?

Sep 6, 2012
Wooster, AR
Update: Transmission shop called they said the overdrive is more than likely gone. They say that they don't have many come in but overdrive is usually what happens. Now to poll the group. I am not sure on cost 100 percent sure because he said he will get into it more and give me a quote with parts and labor. Let me also say I basically stole this car and couldn't replace it even with a full blown rebuild around 4k. I want to keep it and not worry about trans for a while. Would you guys trust a reman from online? Remanufactured & Rebuilt 2000 Lexus LX470 Transmissions. - https://reman-transmission.com/transmissions/lexus/lx470/2000/ automatic for 2500 with 5 year warranty or just do a rebuild on the original trans. Open to any and all suggestions/ discussion
Sorry, I only look at Mud from time to time, you probably have already made a decision by now...but I personally would go Toyota remanufactured...

Three there based on build date... And even after posting that link, I would recommend calling up your local Toyota dealer as dealing with freight shipping and returning core via freight seem like a pain... You might call up your Lexus dealer to double check proper part number for your build date, then call you local Toyota deal with the part number as yes, there is a "Lexus Tax". Furthermore, I would check in the clubhouse pages for your region for any Toyota dealers that give club discounts on parts.

Again, all simply based on my experience because that's exactly what I did. Had to drive 40 miles to pick up trans and return core, but much more simple than shipping...and got a 15% discount using that particular dealer instead of the one truly local to me... I'm sure there are good shops that can rebuild this transmission just fine, and the warranty is better than the Toyota part....but I personally just didn't have good luck...and so recommend to anyone now to just go Toyota remanufactured the first time...

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