2.7 with supercharger and headers, VS V6

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Jul 26, 2007
Has a thread like this been done? Sorry if I missed it in my search...

Using a '99 4Runner as an example, what kind of horse power gain will a supercharger offer, and what kind of benefits can a good header offer on top of that? Will it increase fuel economy under regular driving (I am far from being a lead foot), and then give me a little more zip for those few times I would need it?

As some might know, been looking for a '98-'99-'00 SR5 Manual, and I have found a few 2.7, but very very few 3.4...and most 3.4 with 5speed manual's are still too highly priced. This will not be a tow rig, but it will occasionally tow a small trailer...think more week end family car...with room for our big dogs, and while I have read here that surprisingly there is very little difference in fuel economy with both engines, I am wondering as to what benefits a supercharger, and headers on a 2.7 would offer a guy like me?
Supercharging the 2.7 3RZ would be fun. Toyota does "sort of" have a factory version of it. The 2TZ-FZE from the Supercharged Previa is essentially an RZ engine laid over it's side (it's very different from the RZ, though, the SC won't bolt on to the RZ etc). The sc'd 2.4 produces 158 hp and 190 TQ. Compare that to the 2.4 2RZ which produces 142hp/160tq and 2.7 3RZ at 150hp/177tq. A very conservatively tuned sc'd 2.7 could easily produce 200 hp and a guesstimate of torque would be 240ish. Mileage should beat the 3.4 5VZ.

I've have long wanted to install a 2TZ-FZE driveline into a small, fun 4x4. The CG would be awesome.
So you are basically saying that installing a supercharger on a 2.7 should produce more power than a stock 3.4..and should be more economical as well?

Sounds like a win win...what are the draw backs?
Sounds like a win win...what are the draw backs?

actually you will lack low end torque .. but that can be easily solved with right gearing for your tires and target ..

top end will be fantastic .. run 8 - 10 PSI intercool it .. watch your AFR and you are done ..
The superchargers ain't cheap :x

I'd say the 2.7 in its stock form has enough power, oddly my truck weighs the same as my gf's, I get better mileage but she has lower diff gears so the trucks feel different.

I'd try driving a stock 2.7 and see what you think.

From what I understand, supercharging the 2.7 would require putting a spacer in with your head gasket to reduce pressure, so AFAIK you'll lose low end but gain mid/high end. IMO you're better off with a stock 2.7 or stock 3.4. [with headers or without]
Not spacer is necesary SC 3RZ-FE just good MLS gasket .. but to be honest you will find yourself spending about 4K ( if not opening your engine ) to SC your 3RZ
You could go turbo just as easy. You'd have to source a turbo, do new piping, a manual boost controller, and get an intercooler. Turbo and intercooler could be found from any various junkyards from various vehicles of similar displacements. Just a thought. Turbo vs. SC with same psi, turbo puts up better numbers. Just have a little lag on bottom end.

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The problem is finding a decent V6 manual...just not many around here :frown:

I found a few 2.7, which is why I asked about the super charger...I like the idea of trying to get 200hp out of one, but not sure if it will end up giving me better fuel economy...
5 speed 4Runners were hard to find new so it's not surprising they are still hard to find. In 03 or 04 when we bought ours I really wanted a stick. I looked for months and couldn't find one with a V6/5 speed combo and finally gave up and bought our 00 sport with an automatic. It was going to be my wife's truck anyhow. Back about when these trucks were new there was a supercharger system available for the 2.7 from a company I believe called Alpine. There was a guy on a forum from the Boston area that had one on a Tacoma. But from what I recall the mileage was worse than a 3.4 and it was slower too. Personally considering how many cheap autos there are for sale now I would just find a clean one and swap the trans out for a 5 speed. They are easy to find from Tacomas. Ours with an auto barely manages 20mpg on the highway with stock tires.
It's fair to say mileage will be worse. The idea of forced air induction is more air and more fuel for a bigger bang. The 2.7 mileage is about the same as a the 3.4. Bigger tires, and it's worse. 2wd may BR different. TRD doesn't do 2.7 SC and there is a company in South Africa, I think, that TRD sources theirs from. It's a less aggressive setup that they Toyota uses. There was a chapter of TTORA, New England I think, that cut a deal with the company in SAfrica years ago for some bulk buy deal. It may be worth researching, may not.

I have a 1.8 turbo VW I've played with for a beater. It's spiking 21 psi falls off to about 13 psi at red line. Never dynoed it, but similar setups online are around 220 at the wheels. 28 mpg highway cruising, 33-35 at a 60 mph cruise on 2 lane highways. Stay off the boost, it gets good mileage. Stay on it, it drops to the teens. Overall mileage stayed the same. But, it wasn't a NA converted to FAI.

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