1st Gen 33 tire questions?

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Dec 4, 2008
So I have a 2004 1st gen Tundra and was considering getting a set of 33s for offroad tires. In measuring the wheel well I don't know how they would fit. Has anybody mounted 33s on a 1st Gen Tundra? What lift or spacing was needed and was it worth it? Pics would be appreciated. Thanks.
285/70r17 2.5 lift, 1.25 spacers, trd Sema wheels. Love my set up


wanted to thank you for the reply - sequoia ac not blowing cold air, etc.. Looking at some of your suggestions! BUT wait - Nice Sequoia you have there!
To fit 33s without rubbing, you'll need around a 2-3'' lift and at most 4.5'' of backspacing to clear the control arm. I'd recommend something closer to 4'' of backspacing though, 4.5'' cuts it real close with a 285mm/11.25'' wide tire.

285/70R17. I think ~3in lift and spacers. Rubs the front bumper if turning hard and you hit a bump. Alignment helped a lot but a grinder with a cut off wheel is what is really needed (or more lift) (Or ditch the flares)
I have 255/85/16 Cooper ST Maxx (hair under 33") on my 1st Gen Tundra using 3rd gen 4Runner 5-spokes with billie 5100s all around. Fits just about perfect. Slight rubbing at full lock on the frame but nothing too awful.
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We have a 2007 Sequoia (1st gen). We recently put a 2.5 inch lift in the back, (slightly more in the front due to the steel bumper), it is an OME lift. Tires are 285/70/17 tires (~33") on a 17"x9" wheel with 4.75" backspace and -12 offset. No rubbing.

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