1st and 2nd generation sequoia size difference?

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Feb 7, 2009
Pensacola, Fl.
I've outgrown my 80 series. There is 7 of us and i need a larger offroad rig. I know the motor differences but what is the physical size difference? body and wheelbase.... I'm thinking the 08' and newer Sequoia is too large for offroad use on tight trails... Input needed please...
I have a first gen and 80. I would say even that may be too large by 80 standards (pretty large already)

2017-12-04 15.18.42.jpg
The first gen Sequoia is deceivingly large. I tried to get my family ( 4 kids) into a 100 series and they all thought it was too small compared to the old Sequoia. The trouble with the Sequoia is that in stock form it isn't really wheelable. The centre diff only locks with the transmission ( not t-case) in L. The TRAC will get you quite a long way down the trail but when it is time to back out of a situation, you are effectively driving a one wheel drive. There is probably some pin mod to solve this but I haven't come across it yet.

I'm still quite happy with the Sequoia though. 409,000km and counting.
thanks for the comments gents. I also tried a LC (200 series) before the Sequoia.. Not big enough for us. Night and day size difference,,,
Sequoia's land you in the full-size truck realm. They are just as wide as a Tundra or any other full size truck. Even the 200-series is getting too wide to wheel where we can take our 80-series, so I guess its all relative.

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