1hz-t W/ H55f

Apr 23, 2003

1HZ-T H55F eng/tranny combo, Used No T-case
1990 w/ 52,000 miles
Turbo is from a 1HD, ADP turbo rebuild
Cool Koat Creamic work:
Ex manifold and Turbo elbow cast grey, very NICE!
Compression: F to R 600-610-600-610-600-610
Oil Pressure: 70 psi cold idle, 35 psi warm idle,
80 psi warm high rpm
12 volt Denso Glow plugs, New
12 volt rebuilt Starter
Misc: 2 Vacumm Canisters, 1 New Timing Belt, 1 New Oil Filter
1 Trany Cross member , 1 Factory Manual
1 BJ70 Air Filter Canister

$7000 Usd no shipping included. Located in Austin, TX

This was a purchase from the great guys, Sheldon and Greg, over at G&S Cruiser Parts. I have too many projects right now and need to sell this beauty. Hate to do it. She has been sitting in her crate at the shop for a year. All tech #'s are from G&S before I received her.
She was pulled from a LC in Japan. The Valves were adjusted and the Bottom End bearing were replaced w/ ACL copper/lead type. Timing belt was not replace but a new one is included. 82,000 km is written on the valve cover, so very low miles at 52,000! This baby will go at least 250k-400k miles. Turbo was rebuilt and the Ex mani and Turbo elbow creamic coated. Oil preasure lines and Pyro lines are installed, very nice work. She will have #'s simular to a 1HD-T, 165 hp & 280 ft-lbs of torque.
This was to be dropped into a FJ-40, but will fit into just about every type of LC. She is rare and worth every penny. I have about 1/2 dozen pictures of her but I am having trouble uploading them. If you are interested, pm me and I will email you them.

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