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Mar 13, 2011
Currently FL, Via Ontario
Right now my idle is a little high. It sits at 1000rpms. Drops to 800 when it goes into gear.

Is this an adjustment that I can make on my own? I don't really have access to a good mechanic where I am. And, I am only slightly mechanically inclined.

Is it possible that where I live, low altitude, hot island atmosphere is making it idle high?

Thanks for your input

there is a pretty simple fix
a single set-screw controls the injection pump's idle setting

it is adjusted by simply backing it down a few turns and then tightening the nut to hold hit in place

before you do that-- check to make sure that the A/C idle-up is not engaged. when engages, the air conditioning increases idle slightly.

also check your acsd (do a search) as it also affects idle speed.

get a factory manual (search mud) it explains the different adjustments pretty well.
Thanks SandCruiser.

I will check those out. I figured it couldn't be too difficult.
If you engine still has the ACSD installed, you should consider removing immediately. The ACSD is a liability, and can cause destruction of the injection pump.

Otherwise, do what Sandcruiser suggested.

Hey John,

Thanks for the heads up. I will have to do some reading before I feel confident in doing this one on my own though.
Was actually going to get in touch with you this week about some OME parts.



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