1999 UZJ100 Land Cruiser Drive by Wire not Working

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Jun 20, 2012
I have a 1999 Toyota Land Cruiser with 260,000 miles on it. The truck runs great, however, lately my drive by wire has been failing and going into limp home mode. This would at first occur very intermittently and when it did happen I could restart my truck a time or two and the problem would be solved. Now the problem is not intermittent and the drive by wire has completely stopped working.

I am not sure if this is electric or a failed throttle body...Has anyone had this problem and is there maybe an easy fix?

Thank you in advance
If you do a search - you will probably find a bad Throttle Position Sensor.

Do you have a Check Engine Light (CEL)?

You can always pull the EFI fuse or disconnect the battery for a few minutes - this MIGHT help to get you off the trail or a bad parking spot (side of freeway or busy road) BUT IT IS NOT a fix. What you don't want is when you are merging on the freeway and your truck decides to go on limp mode.

Let us know the outcome.
Thanks for the thoughts Trunk Monkey and i4c4lo.

I will try the TPO sensor and see if that fixes the problem. I have ordered a used throttle body, however, I find it hard to believe that the entire throttle body needs to be replaced...

What is the APPS? and where would it be located in the vehicle and what does it do?

I have tried disconnecting the battery for 20 minutes plus and that did not seem to work. I also unplugged and inspected all the connections to the and from the throttle body to see if something may be corroded. All connections were in excellent shape.

Did you clean the throttle body?
I did clean the throttle body out. There was some carbon build up, but not too bad.
TPS is on the throttle body and basically just tells the ECM how open the throttle is. The APPS is on the accelerator pedal and detects how much you're mashing the pedal. Some have one or the other go, some have both.
Trunk Monkey,

Did you get a factory TPO or aftermarket. Just called the dealer and they would have to order it and it cost over $300. You said you got one for under $100. Can you tell me where? Thanks!
Thank for the part number Trunk Monkey. I should have it tomorrow morning. I will let you know if that solves the problem. Got it for 90 bucks...
Ckughn said:
Thank for the part number Trunk Monkey. I should have it tomorrow morning. I will let you know if that solves the problem. Got it for 90 bucks...

Next time contact Onur(Beno). Got him on speed dial :)
I know. I saw the part for a bit less on line too. I can get an aftermarket part for $70 or Toyota for $90.

I need weekend to work on it so I needed to get it today.

I am new to this forum and not familiar with too many Toyota resources. Who is Beno??! Sounds like I need to know who he is. Thanks!
Beno (Onur is his real name) and Cdan are members here on the forum and both work for Toyota. They give very generous discounts on OEM parts.

Either will set you up right. Just search for there user name to get the contact info. I would link it for you but I don't know how from my phone.
I have never replaced my TPS. I believe I have the right part for my 1999 land cruiser 89452-30140. Where is it located and how to I replace it?

I have replace my TPS and no luck...This becoming very frustrating as you might imagine.

Any other suggestions to what this could be would be a big help!

Thanks in advance.

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