For Sale 1999 Landcruiser 156K $9500 Central Missouri

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United States
1999 Landcruiser for sale in Columbia, MO. Asking $9500.

Has been my wifes daily driver for about 5 years, when we bought it from the local toyota dealer.

Timing belt, serpentine belt and water pump done at 145K.

Interior is very clean with no tears in leather - paint still looks great. Battery is 3 months old.

email for more pics or information.
tlc 004.jpg
tlc 007.jpg
Email sent.
Picked this up yesterday. Carson was incredibly accommodating and brutally honest about anything/everythign that had ever been done to the vehicle. Needless to say, we are excited to have the Hundy in the stable and I know Carson was sad to see her go.

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