1998 prado with 33' tires

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May 12, 2010
Hi guys.
I have Cooper Stt tires 285/70/17 on my 1998 prado and i have a rubbing issue on the front tires.
Any advise?
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Hello HENDRIX and welcome abroad.

Install front strut spacers: Toyota 1" Spacer Lift Leveling Kit 1996-2010 (6-lug) -- Fat Bob's Garage Online Store

I have those (I installed for my friend too) and they really give you more space. Other thing what help a lot is to adjust front wheel alignment as far front as possible (as much negative caster as possible). You can get about 1 cm more space behind the wheel.

One more: install a bodylift.

I have those spacers and 2" bodylift and 33x12.50R17 tires. No rubbing problems.
Hi Matti
Thanks for the info. I have a 2" suspension lift, Tough Dog, all ready and my rims are 17x 9.5 I have removed some of the plastic mud think but when i go off roading in deep curves i have a problem.
In city or on road driving the No issue at all at any sercomstances.
You belive your recomantasion will solve this problem.?
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