1998 4runner rear hatch Complete

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Nov 4, 2006
Platteville, Colorado
From a 98 Limited. Truck was in a front collision and I used it for the engine. Rear hatch has been sitting around and I want to sell it. Its the dark green color, but its the color that is more blue green than forest green like the 4runner highlander is. Anyway pics soon or by request. It is nice, has a couple blemishes and a minor 3 inch bend on the bottom left corner where it meets the bumper. The bend could possibly be bent back without much effort, but there would be evidence of it in the paint. Still, much better than if yours is dented or smashed. Complete with tan interior trim and window and spoiler. $150. No shipping on this. Located north of Denver 30 miles in Platteville, CO.

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